I've spent too many Hours in front of a screen

Culture happens everywhere and the lessons you can learn from it are endless!

Some of my favorite moments have happened by staring at a screen.

Take a look at some of the moments that made me cry, laugh out loud, or scream at my screen. 

America was built by me but not made for me.
Either way I'm making the best of it.

Black Women are NOT a trend!

Our loved ones have a way of impacting our lives even after they are gone. 

I win when you win!

Performing at Beychella with Beyonce' 2018

When men just don't get it!

Thank you goes a long way!

Somethings are not worth your time!

What do you when life hits you like Mayweather?

Give them their roses while they're here!

Honesty is the best policy!

Haters come in many forms and we should NEVER allow them to get the best of us!

Looking for a good laugh...

Not during BHM month! 

Small things can make a difference to the biggest people!